We make it through to data, which is relevant for your business growth.

Web Analytics does not spare the information about your visitors. It enables immediate insight into data, on the basis of which you can receive a holistic image about your customers and their needs. Nevertheless, you are able to discover functioning and malfunctioning parts of your website. Analytics ensure you key information from which you will make optimal marketing decisions and will enhance your business results.

At Goclick, we will prepare an upgrade to web analytics, set in the Google Analytics environment. An advanced version of Analytics will be accustomed to your company and it will enable overview of the most important data. What you cannot measure, you also cannot manage!


Overview on web KPI

Overview on web KPI

On the basis of your business goals, we will define KPI, with which we will measure success of web campaigns and other activities on your website. Then, we link those KPI into custom dashboards, in which you will be able to check the progress on your web activities 24/7.

Insight into ROI/ROAS of the web campaigns

Insight into ROI/ROAS of the web campaigns

Advanced analytics will enable you to really understand the effect of your web campaigns. For you, we will create a holistic picture of your customer's stations and (sales-oriented) interactions on your website, so you will always be on track with your returns on ad spends.

Insight into customer purchase cycle

Insight into customer's purchase cycle

Would you like to know how customers on your website behave? What do they look for? What do they buy and what not? With our help you will be able to check how customers in their purchase process behave and find out where and why do they leave in their web cart.

Why choose Goclick?

  • Guarantee of quality execution, affirmed by Premiere Google Partner status,
  • top team and technological platform,
  • a key administrator will be dedicated to you, who you can always turn to, if something went wrong– but we will always make sure it won’t!