Harness the power of storytelling to strengthen ties with your customers.

Good content will make key difference between you and your competition. This is where we come into play. We are creating unique stories, which approach you to your customers at the right moment. With our help, you will be able to unveil your advantages, which are of key importance in times of the harsh competition.

Telling stories over the internet is no longer just an addition to your business. Moreover, it is a key factor, with which you will be able to redirect your customer to the final purchase.

COMPANIES WITH Marketing Automation

capture intelligence fot the sales team 54%
customize content to the Buyer Journey stages 49%

COMPANIES WITHOUT Marketing Automation

capture intelligence fot the sales team 25%
customize content to the Buyer Journey stages 21%

Amplifying your brand.

Building a brand leads to outstanding results and a loyal fanbase. But, how to achieve that? With content, that will create precious and long-lasting stories. On top of that, it will also educate the customer and enhance its brand-trust.

Directing the customer towards the final purchase.

Generating real content is essential, if you wish to connect with your audience in an informal way. In Goclick, we focus on valuable content, giving your brand a fresh spin and at the same time build long-lasting relations – which will, in the end, increase possibility of the purchase.

Immediate interaction with customers.

The essence of every content marketing is to deliver proper content to real people in appropriate moments - web networks are an ideal way for that, too. Customers are nowadays more demanding than ever before. So it is necessary to surpass their expectation with relevant and personalized communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why choose Goclick?

  • Preparation of content for your promotional e-mail,
  • segmentation of user base and
  • suitable technology for quality and accurate e-mail campaign service.

Digital PR

Do you offer new (or enhanced) service? Do you wish to increase it’s awareness? Do you have a need for a deeper explication of your advantages? Do it through digital PR. With your cooperation, we will prepare quality and attractive text and make sure, that content will appear on relevant news portals.


We help you to compose the sentences that will tell the story – and make sure that the story has a happy ending. Good text is not only readable, but also inspiring. It draws the reader with him and converts his interests into action – at Goclick, it's all about action!

E-mail marketing

E-mail is despite its age still number one among web communication channels, while e-mail marketing remains an excellent tool for an easy, fast and cheap way to reach to your customers. Our campaigns provide excellent results, because we know how to draw attention of those who count.