With advertising on Facebook you can reach fan base and number of visits of your website

Facebook is amongst most visited websites in the world – in Slovenia it is used by merely half of the population. So we are sure that among them you will find quite a lot of customers. Due to mass use of Facebook, consequent questions arise, such as: How can we discover the most relevant one? Simple. Your customers left traces with their activities already. So, don't miss out excellent opportunity to address them successfully!


Very accurate targeting

Very accurate targeting

More than 1,4 billions of people use Facebook to connect with things, that are close to them. Advantage of Facebook advertising is also that we are able to refine that enormous mass of people, target them and ameliorate effects of our advertising.

Optimization according to (sales) results

Optimization according to (sales) results

Technology enables to target only those, who are your most probable customers. Therefore, we will actively inform you about results and budget spend and that way, optimize the effects of advertising.

Sales orientation

Flexible budget spend

Targeting and advertising creatives are not the only thing, set by you. Budget is also under your command and we are able to optimize it in real time. This technique ensures the best possible degree of realization of our goals.

Why choose Goclick?

Experienced Goclick experts will, together with your team, provide an optimal strategy, which will empower your brand to inspire your customers over and over again.

Goclick offers you hollistic Facebook profile management, which encompasses all the key activities, important for success:

Understandin your business and your customers

Preparation of web strategy adapted to your goals

Choosing optimal web channels + unifying them into an uniform system

Advertising and optimization

Analysis and reporting