Premium solution for amplifying visits of your websites, searching for new customers and boosting sales.

Google advertising is among the most efficient channels out there. It is cost-flexible and the number of finances for advertising can be supervised easily. Besides, Google enables reaching closely defined target groups, high level of adaptability and reachability and excellent measurement of results.

There is no doubt that a major part of your customers is present on the web every single hour. Question is, whether they can find you, before they find competition.

Search marketing - Google search

Have you ever wondered how to reach those persons, that instantly search information on products and services, similar to yours? First step is exposure on the first page of Google browser. Therefore, it is crucial to have professionally designed strategy on Google browser, which will enable you to avoid worries if your ads will show to right people at right time.

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Display advertising on Google display network

Display advertising is an opportunity to communicate your advantages to the whole spectre of digital environment. With advanced targeting you can reach to new markets and enhance awareness of your products and your company. Display advertising will enable you to buy banners or video ads, which can be allocated to some specific webpages, relevant to you. Whether your goal is to increase the awareness, to gain confidence into your company or simply, to boost sales, we are here to fulfill your goals.

Gmail sponsored promotions

One of the most interesting business opportunities offered by Google, is surely Gmail advertising. Its speciality lies in targeting users, who use Gmail service. There are about 840.000 users in Slovenia alone. Gmail advertising offers you great reach, and at the same time advanced targeting of users interests and relatively low price per opened e-mail.

YouTube advertising

It is not so surprising that YouTube in last years has become one of the leading advertising channels, which will ensure you lift in awareness. It enables immediate response to your viewer, and exceptional cost-efficiency. You will pay for YouTube video ad just in case user will view 90% or more than 30 seconds of video. YouTube advertising is an excellent opportunity for you to make reach relevant viewers and convert them to customers.

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