Get in touch with customers when it matters the most. When they search for your products and services.

Every second 40 thousand users use Google browser to search for the information needed. Some of them are just searching for the information how to make a tie, and some of them are looking for you. And if you are not among first four hits on the first page, you are not a part of the offer for your customers. Just because of that search marketing is the best investment you can afford. With our help, you will be able to address the most relevant customers, and skip to the very top of their minds when it comes to decision-making!

Sales orientation

In case customers actively search for the product or service, they have a purchase intent too. From the sales viewpoint, search marketing is the most efficient advertising and also the best possible option for the companies with depleated marketing budgets.

Cost efficiency

Ads for search marketing are paid just in case customer clicks on them. Price per click is set by you and can be changed or adjusted during the campaign. So, you pay the effect – in other words, ads, that will not get any clicks, will not be a cost for you!

Flexible ad spend

If ads are working very well and generate sales opportunities, you can increase budgets. And vice-versa. In case ads will not work, you can immediately stop advertising and spend your budget elsewhere.

Why choose Goclick?

  • With advertising we increase number of visits and boost sales on your website,
  • advertising will be adapted to your business and your customers,
  • guarantee of quality execution, affirmed by Premiere Google Partner status,
  • top team and technological platform,
  • key accout will be dedicated to you, which you can always turn to, if something went wrong – but we always make sure it won't!