Combination of data and most advanced technology for successful targeting of web customers.

Performance marketing is a combination of various web activities which are most commonly directed towards conversions. It is an advanced type of web marketing, which attempts to address the customer at all stages of purchase cycle – generating interest, addressing and finalizing web conversion. The activities follow accordingly. Besides web advertising, they often include preparation of suitable landing pages, e-mail marketing, paid digital PR etc.

Performance marketing in Goclick will help you reach your customers in the most critical stages of their purchase process in real-time, with measurable results. Whether your aim is creating a new customer base or addressing existing ones – we will help you to achieve your goals – at home, and abroad.

Targeting real customers

Targeting real customers.

Combining most efficient web channels will facilitate your access to new customers. Technology and database enable targeting only the persons, who are your most possible customers and that way, you optimize the effect of advertising.

Optimal outcome for your budget

Optimal outcome for your budget.

Analytical tools enable tracking of very accurate results matched with all the web channels. That way, you will reallocate the budget to most profitable channels, and therefore achieve best possible ROI.

Measurability and transparency

Measurability and transparency.

All the activities in Performance marketing are measurable in real-time, whilst your ad spend is completely transparent. Through the results you will be able to make decisions, which will be best for your company.

Why choose Goclick?

  • With advertising we increase the number of visits and boost sales on your website,
  • advertising will be adapted to your business and your customers,
  • guarantee of quality execution, affirmed by Premiere Google Partner status,
  • top team and technological platform,
  • a key administrator will be dedicated to you, who you can always turn to, if something went wrong – but we will make sure it won’t!

How the path to your success will be paved?