We create creative campaigns which encourage positive interaction between companies and customers.

Social networks are important part of the web, that play great role in perception of companies and brands. Use the influence of social media and increase awareness and authority of your brand. Build and maintain a community and decrease marketing costs. At Goclick, we are available to you to build hollistic social and digital platform, which will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Facebook advertising

If you are not on Facebook, you are non-existent – that it's definitely true for companies. With the combination of creative story-telling and analytical data we will make sure, that your messages will be received by those, who are most engaged into your activities. We will position you in the heart of Facebook map. Facebook connects business with people, so start building meaningful connection and reach to new customers!

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Instagram advertising

In 2010, Instagram had million users. Today, it has more than 500 millions. We can reach roughly 180.000 of them in Slovenia. It is one of the biggest platforms to display ads on mobile devices. Companies usually decide for Instagram advertising when they need attractive presentation of their products and services. It is about advertising which is focused on visual elements!

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is by far the most important social business network. With advertising on LinkedIn you are able to build communities, improve image and position yourself as a trend-leader of specific business area. You can target users by their age, sex, location, education, company, role and industry. Reach your customers on the biggest network of professionals in the universe!