With YouTube advertising you will know exactly, to which of your customers your ads will show. See if your offer was right for them!

YouTube is most popular site with videos – globally and locally. Advertising on YouTube enables you to show your videos directly, and you can target audience home and abroad. This type of advertising is cost-efficient, more efficient than TV advertising.

And what is YouTube ad? Every video, uploaded to YouTube, can be ad. It usually occures before playing other YouTube videos or above search results. YouTube ads are excellent for spreading awareness of the company or brand, and the positively inflict probability of web conversion.

Low mediabuying costs

Low mediabuying costs.

You have a complete surveillance over budget. You are the ones who decide, which are the costs of advertising. Price par view is very low by principle. Besides, you only pay for the views, where customer viewed more than 90% or more than 30 seconds of video.

Targeting most probable customers

Targeting most probable customers.

YouTube ads are targeted on specific target audience. That way you can make way to those, who are most possibly interested in you offer. You can target them by demographics, interests, keywords, location, search history etc.

Synergy with TV advertising

Synergy with TV advertising

YouTube advertising is most efficient when it is combined with advertising on television. With combined advertising we increase the reach of target groups – especially at younger audience, which is harder and harder to reach just by classic TV advertising. At the same time, ad recall and brand awareness is much greater when combined.

Why choose Goclick?

  • With advertising we increase number of visits and boost sales on your website,
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  • guarantee of quality execution, affirmed by Premiere Google Partner status,
  • top team and technological platform,
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